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Welcome to the GS UK Lasers web site. We are the UK distributors of CadCam Technology laser cutting and laser engraving machines. All CadCam Technology's range of laser cutting machines are designed and manufactured in the UK. Our product range includes the Graphixscan engraving machines and the FB500, FB700, FB1500, FB1800, Contour Cut and Contour Cut Vision series laser cutters.

Contour Cut and Contour Cut Vision automates the process of cutting out printed fabric quickly and accurately, automatically compensating for any distortions and stretches that occur in unstable rolls of textile. We have a large range of machines suited to a variety of applications, in addition to this we also specialise in creating bespoke machines designed to suit your exact requirements.


Our systems for laser engraving and laser cutting are efficient, precise and of the highest quality possible. Almost anything is possible with our Laser Cutting machines and Engraving systems so if you don't see your particular application below simply contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Featured Applications

  • Lasers for fashionFashion & Textiles
    Laser cutting technology is widely used in fashion & textiles, uses include cutting appliqués for embroidery, >>
  • Lasers for model makingModel Making
    The FB Laser Cutters are ideal for, architectural model making, prototyping and general model making >>
  • Lasers for signageSignage
    Laser cutters have a number of benefits over cnc machines for signage companies. Laser cut acrylic gives a polished edge. >>

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