Graphixscan 1800 Laser Engraving Machine

Laser engraving machine
Introduction into the Graphixscan 1800
The Graphixscan 1800 is a large format high speed laser engraving machine, that also has cutting capabilities. This machine is available with either a shuttle feed system for sheet materials or a conveyorised bed for roll to roll fabric decoration.
What do your machines do?
Images, text, logos and textures can be engraved into a variety of materials at lightning speed and with precision every time. Laser cutting is also possible on many materials including, leather, denim, polyester. The GraphixScan is a truly versatile machine.
How do you control the laser cutter?
The Graphixscan lasers are controlled by our advanced laser marking software giving total control of speed and power, which allows the user to etch and cut to precise depths. Popular image formats such as bmp, jpeg and Tiffs can be imported and vector formats like ai and dxf.
Delivery/Training Information
When you purchase a laser machine from GS UK we automatically include delivery, installation and training.
Graphixscan 500 Cutter

TECHNICAL Specification

Graphixscan 1800

  • Max Engraving Width: 1800mm (70.3")sq
  • Max Engraving Depth: 1500mm (60.9")sq
  • Max Engraving Speed: 3300mm/second
  • Max Acceleration: up to 50g
  • Laser Power: 50, 100, 200 & 400watts
  • Height: 3200mm (125.9")
  • Width: 2100mm (82.6")
  • Depth: 1600mm (62.9")