Applications for the Flat Bed Laser Cutting Machines.
The CadCam Flat bed laser cutting machines are used in a variety of applications, from Hobby craft to Automotive. Here is a list showing some of the materials that can be cut using laser cutting machines.

Appliqué, Acrylic, Card, Card Board, Balsa, Fabrics, Leather, MDF, Paper, Ply, Rubber, Wood, polystyrene.
Applications for the Graphixscan Engraving & Cutting Machines
The Graphixscan laser engraving machines are widely used the textile industry. Wear marks are put into denim using the Graphixscan, leather can be engraved and upholstery fabric. Here is a list showing some of the materials that can be engraved using laser engraving machines.

Acrylic, Card, Card Board, Balsa, Fabrics, Glass, Leather, MDF, Mirror, Paper, Ply, Wood.
Applications for the Contour Cut & Contour Cut Vision - Laser cutting sublimated fabrics
Contour cut is ideal for laser cutting sportswear in particular because of its ability to cut stretchy and easily distorted materials - exactly the type that you get with athletic clothing (e.g. running equipment, team kits/jerseys, swimwear etc.)

Our laser cutting machines make light work of these types of textiles, cutting them with no issue and making sure that you always get an accurate, perfect cut. In addition to this, once cut, synthetic textiles gain a sealed edge.

Meaning that they will not fray, this is yet another excellent advantage over traditional textile cutting methods.
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Application List

  • Automotive
  • Architecture
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Hobby Craft
  • Medical
  • Model Making
  • Plastics & Point of Sale
  • Prototyping
  • Signage
  • Textiles