Introducing the Contour Cut Vision laser cutting machines.
The FB range of CadCam laser cutters are designed to be an efficient and productive asset to a wide range of business and educational establishments.

We have combined many years of experience with state of the art technology to give you the ultimate high speed laser cutting solution. All CadCam machines are designed and manufactured at our site in Nottingham, enabling us to offer bespoke machines including large format laser cutters.

Many industries are now finding that laser cutting technology is far superior to other cutting methods and our laser machines prove to be successful in all types of markets from automotive to textiles.
Introducing the Graphixscan laser engraving machines.
The GraphixScan Laser engraving machine can engrave images, text, logos and textures on finished items or raw materials including fleece, denim, leather, wood and plastic. This is achieved by the laser removing the dye or surface of the fabric.

Laser engraving is used in a wide variety of industries including the automotive, fashion and leather industries. Laser cutting is also possible on many materials including, leather, denim, alcantara. The GraphixScan is a truly versatile machine.
Introducing to the Contour Cut and Contour Cut Vision.
Contour Cut by CadCam Technology Ltd, automates the process of cutting out dye sublimation printed pieces of fabric or textile both quickly and accurately, automatically compensating for any distortions or stretches that occur in unstable or stretchy textiles - Exactly the type of fabrics that are used in sportswear, for example.

Material is automatically unrolled and transported onto the laser cutting machine using our next generation conveyor system. State of the art camera recognition is used to pinpoint registration marks printed on your material.

The marks can be accurately read by our laser system and the position, scale and deformation of the printed material will be compensated due to the intelligent analysis of the registration marks. This means that when the laser cuts your fabric all the pieces will exit the laser cutting conveyor exactly the correct size and shape.

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