Laser cutters are popular with companies who make signs for several reasons. Firstly unlike a traditional router laser cutters gives a flame polished edge to acrylic, eliminating the need to flame polish after cutting. Then there is the intricacy of the cut, you can cut very fine detail and as the material does not have to be clamped there is very little waste, you can leave a gap as little as 1mm between objects and cut right up to the edge.

Laser Exhibition


This sign has been made from acrylic that has been cut and engraved.

Laser Exhibition


© Chloe Holwill

This poster was laser cut out of card by Chloe Holwill who is doing an MA in Textile Innovation and New Applications at Herriot watt university. Web Site

Laser Exhibition


An image has been engraved onto the wood from a bitmap. The tonal changes are achieved by the laser automaticall adjusting the power as its engraving.