Graphixscan Gallery

  • Laser Engraved Diarys


    High speed laser engraving can be achieved on the Graphixscan lasers.

    Laser engraved diaries
  • Fleece


    This non contact process allows you to engrave over plackets and zips.

    Laser engraved fleece
  • Cutting Fabric


    The accurate laser control allows you to Kiss Cut fabric.

    Laser cutting fabric
  • Wood


    Engrave Images and vectors onto wood.

    Laser engraved wood
  • Leather


    Leather may be engraved on made up garments or a hide.

    Laser engraved leather

Lasers Cutting

Here is a very small sample of what may be produced using our Graphixscan laser machines. If you don't see you application here give us a call and we will be happy to arrange samples for you.
We would like to thank all our laser users who contributed to this gallery.